How Good of An Interviewer Is Edisa, Our Monthly Webinar Host?

We know in our previous posts we’ve evaluated the interviewing skills of some of our favorite industry thought leaders, but we thought it’d be fun to change things up this week! So, we put Edisa Rodriguez, our Head of Growth and Pillar “influencer” herself, through the wringer and evaluated one of our monthly webinars.

Hosted by Edisa, we took a look at our March webinar with Cara Brennan Allamano and Emily Zahuta from Lattice that focused on all things quality of hire. Here’s what we found out…

And here’s what we can conclude from the data: 

  • Edisa gave Cara and Emily plenty of time to discuss the topic at hand, specifically what Lattice is doing to measure quality of hire. Edisa spoke for 20% of the time, ensuring that the webinar was very conversational in nature (note: this is how we always like our webinars to be). 
  • The average response time is longer than our previous interview evaluations, but considering we had two interviewees, this finding is still on par.
  • 80% of the questions Edisa asked were open-ended questions that elicited descriptive responses, giving listeners the appropriate amount of time to learn from a forward-thinking TA team like Lattice. 

If interested, you can listen to the full webinar “3 Reasons Why Quality of Hire Is Critical In Uncertain Times” here.

This is the final post in our “How Good of an Interviewer is …?” series, but if you missed our previous posts, you can find them here:


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