Pillar for Hiring Teams

Bring intelligence to your interviews

Make your interview process more efficient, effective, and equitable

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With Pillar, you can have complete visibility into who is hired and why

  • Transparency into what is happening in interviews
  • Give candidates a great experience
  • Guide and train interviewers
  • Hire better people
  • Reduce bias
  • Save time


Automate Your Interview Summaries & Feedback Collection

Pillar reduces the number of interviews required and uncovers the right candidate faster.

  • Focus on the candidate and leave the note-taking to Pillar
  • Collect high quality candidate feedback in real time
  • Never chase down an interviewer for feedback again
  • Get up to speed on candidates quickly with video summaries of interviews

Run a Standardized Interview Process

Eliminate bias by implementing a structured interview process that ensures an equitable candidate experience.

  • Guide interviewers, live, in the interview
  • Collect feedback in real time
  • Serve recommended questions based on skills needed for the role
  • Reduce bias and standardize the process

Automate Your Interviewer Coaching

Pillar automatically coaches team members to improve and grow in their interviewing skills, leading to better candidate experiences.

  • Automated training and coaching for interviewers
  • Provide training videos in Pillar’s Training Center
  • Automatically upskill with coachable moments after interviews
  • Understand candidates feelings and reactions throughout the interview with candidate sentiment
  • Improve the candidate experience

Enable Skills-Based Hiring

Gone are the days of relying on your gut and hazy memory to make hiring decisions. Pillar brings more clarity into who the right person for the role is by enabling skills-based hiring.

  • Improve quality of hire with actionable interview data
  • Guide interviewers to focus on skills based questions
  • Compare candidates skills with video clips and skills based feedback
  • Provide a fair and equitable interview process


Seamless integrations into to your existing tools

Connect Pillar to your ATS, video, and calendar tools to share interview insights,
support your existing workflow, and more.
Applicant Tracking Systems

Leverage Pillar within your ATS with bi-directional integration. Pillar will automatically join interviews, share interview insights with your ATS, and support your existing workflow.

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No need for double calendar invites here. Connect your calendar so your interview invites automatically sync to Pillar.


Pillar records, transcribes, and automatically creates highlights of every virtual interview.

Bring interview intelligence into your hiring process

Center your hiring decisions on objective reality, rather than subjective opinions. Interview effectively and select the right candidates every time with Pillar.

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“Pillar has allowed us to stop relying on judgment and move to a quantifiable interview process. It's so helpful to go back to interviews and see exactly what was said. Pillar brings humanity back to what can feel like a robotic process."

Director of Recruiting
fortune 500 beverage company