How Good of An Interviewer Is William Tincup?

“Your CEO doesn’t care about hiring the best people”...

We know, sounds crazy to say, but our very own CEO, Mark Simpson, joined William Tincup, President & Editor-at-Large of RecruitingDaily, on The RecruityDaily podcast back in 2022 to discuss this very topic.

With the recent release of our interviewer insights tool, we thought what better time than now to put some of our favorite industry thought leaders through the wringer to see how good of an interviewer they are. Obviously we know they’re good, but just how GOOD?!

In this week’s series of “How Good of an Interviewer is …?”, we’re putting William’s interviewing chops to the test. Here’s what the data showed when he interviewed Mark…

And here’s what we can conclude from the data: 

  • William spoke for 35% of the interview, giving Mark plenty of time to answer his questions. The podcast was very conversational in nature, giving William plenty of time to comment on Mark’s answers and then generate great follow-up questions. 
  • The number of questions William asked is very on par with our previous interview evaluations, so 10 questions asked during a ~30 minute conversation has definitely proven to be the sweet spot! 
  • William asked a good amount of open-ended questions that elicited thought-provoking responses, giving listeners the appropriate amount of time to learn more about why CEO’s say that people are the most important part of the business (but don’t actually follow through with this belief).

If interested, you can listen to the full podcast recording here. Tune in next week for our final post to see who we evaluate next! And if you missed our previous posts with Chris Russell and the guys from Chad & Cheese, you can find them here and here.

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