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Connect Pillar to your ATS, video, and calendar tools to share interview insights, support your existing workflow, and more.


Oftentimes, interviewers show up to an interview blindly
Interviewers come up with questions on the fly
Gathering feedback from interviewers is like pulling teeth
Can't focus during interviews because you're preoccupied with taking notes (or don't take notes at all)
Diverse candidates are getting lost in the interview process
Hiring managers rely on their gut to make a hiring decision instead of data
Interviewers are never coached on how to provide a better candidate experience
Get more out of the interview and provide a better candidate experience
Create a structured interview process so candidates are compared fairly and equitably
Speed up the hiring process and make more data-driven decisions
Pay more attention to the candidate and leave the note-taking to Pillar
Remove bias and provide advocacy and transparency for diverse candidates
Hire the best person for the role based on their skills and competencies
Turn your entire team into "pro" interviewers


Applicant Tracking Systems

Leverage Pillar within your ATS with bi-directional integration. Pillar will automatically join interviews, share interview insights with your ATS, and support your existing workflow.

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No need for double calendar invites here. Connect your calendar so your interview invites automatically sync to Pillar.


Pillar records, transcribes, and automatically creates highlights of every virtual interview.

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"Within just a few months of implementing Pillar, we've cut our time to hire in half. Being able to review recorded interviews in minutes has been a total game changer in making more efficient hiring decisions."

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