How Good of an Interviewer is Chris Russell?

Back in 2021 when we first launched Pillar, our CEO Mark Simpson sat down to chat with the “mad scientist of online recruiting” and Managing Director of RecTech Media, Chris Russell. With the recent release of our interviewer insights tool, we thought what better time than now to put some of our favorite industry thought leaders through the ringer to see how good of an interviewer they are. Obviously, we know they’re good, but just how GOOD?!

Here’s what the data showed when Chris interviewed Mark…

And here’s what we can conclude from the data: 

  • Chris spoke for 30% of the interview, giving Mark plenty of time to shine. 
  • Chris asked a good amount of open-ended questions that elicited descriptive responses, giving listeners the appropriate amount of time to learn more about Pillar. 
  • One of the most important characteristics of a good interviewer is being able to turn an interview into a conversation. The combination of stacked and open-ended questions from Chris made the interview feel like a two-way conversation versus an interrogation! 
  • Preparing for the interview can be just as important as the interview itself! Based on Chris’s follow-up questions, it was easy to see that he did his research on Pillar beforehand and put thought into his questions.

If interested, you can listen to the full podcast recording, “Pillar Wants to Solve Your Interview Problems” here.

Tune in next week to see whose interview chops we evaluate next! We’ll give you a hint - the name of their podcast has one of our favorite snacks in it! 

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