Interview Insights

Provide hiring teams with everything they need to run a successful interview process.

After all, great teams start with great interviews.

Candidate Sentiment

Pillar analyzes every interview to determine if candidate sentiment is trending in a positive or negative direction, giving you insight into how certain topics might impact the candidate experience.

Interviewer Talk Time

How much the interviewer talks vs. the candidate. Giving the candidate enough time to talk is imperative so they can adequately share their skills and qualifications.

Coachable Moments

Did the interviewer use harmful or inappropriate language in the interview? Was bias detected? If so, Pillar will flag those instances, enabling team members to improve and grow in their interviewing skills.

Guide Completion

How much of the interview guides your interviewers have completed. Using a guide standardizes interviews for all candidates, which helps build a more complete picture of the candidate and reduces bias.

Scoring Trends

Reactions to skills and topics throughout interviews determines a candidate's score. Trends of large variations in types of reactions might indicate inconsistent scoring methods or potential bias.


Demographic tagging (ex. male, female, graduate degree, diverse, etc.) enables tracking of demographic types that are most representative of your hiring goals.

Making the right hiring decisions is paramount to building a thriving and successful team

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"We’re now able to train and develop new interviewers in a way that never existed before. With Pillar, we can share examples of really solid interviews with newer interviewers so they can improve upon their interview skills and in turn provide candidates with a better experience."

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