Interviews are broken. We're on a mission to fix them.

The hiring process is tired — and hasn’t changed in decades. We’re on a mission to build better businesses by removing bias from the interview process while revolutionizing the way companies hire.

Our recipe for better hiring

Smart Hiring. Strong Teams.

Hiring is more than chance—it's a critical foundation for success. At Pillar, we share your belief in the importance of hiring exceptional talent. We bring intelligence into every step to efficiently identify the right people, laying the foundation for building strong teams.

Real Results. Real Time.

Our platform harnesses the power of technology to streamline your hiring process. We ensure that the right candidates are identified and have skills and alignment with your values.

Say goodbye to weeks of effort and hello to a coordinated, efficient experience that adds true value to your team and business.

Hire Right. Hire Fair.

We've taken bold steps to address biases that can be inherent in hiring decisions. Our AI algorithms are designed to be completely bias-free, focusing solely on evaluating candidates based on their qualifications and alignment with the role.

By eliminating human biases from the equation, we make it easier to center hiring decisions on objective intelligence rather than personal opinions.

Advised & supported
by the best in the business

The Pillar advisory board is made up of experienced industry experts and talent acquisition and people leaders who have excelled in creating incredible places to work.
Anita Grantham
Head of HR, BambooHR
Barb Bidan
Chief People Officer, Crunchyroll
Cara Brennan Allamamo
Chief People Officer, Lattice
Josh Bersin
CEO, Josh Bersin Company
Tim Sackett
President, HRU Technical Resources
Q Hamirani
Founder, PeopleGPT & Former Airbnb
David Landman
Community Lead, PeopleTech Enterprise & Former Goldman Sachs

Pillar was built on the belief that people are the most important ingredient to a company's success.

Our values shape how we grow our team, treat each other, and build our product. 

Our leadership team

Founded in 2019, Pillar is led by a team with unparalleled expertise at the intersection of HR Tech, AI, and DEI.

Mark Simpson
Founder & CEO
Jordan Sherer
Chief Technology Officer
Edisa Rodriguez
Head of Operations
Withe Thompson
Head of Customer Success
Alexa Amatulli
Head of Marketing

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