How Good of Interviewers Are Chad Sowash & Joel Cheesman?

Back in 2022, two podcasters and an industry CEO walked into a brewery…and recorded a podcast live from Sun King Brewery in Indianapolis.

With the recent release of our interviewer insights tool, we thought what better time than now to put some of our favorite industry thought leaders through the wringer to see how good of an interviewer they are. Obviously we know they’re good, but just how GOOD?!

In this week’s series of “How Good of an Interviewer is …?”, we decided to put not just 1, but 2 interviewers to the test! And they come from HR’s most dangerous podcast…Joel Cheesman & Chad Sowash from The Chad & Cheese Podcast.

Here’s what the data showed when Chad & Joel interviewed our CEO Mark Simpson…

And here’s what we can conclude from the data:

  • Chad and Joel spoke for 25% of the interview, giving Mark plenty of time to talk remote work and employee culture (and sip on some brew at the same time). 
  • According to LinkedIn, interview question answers should be about 30 to 90 seconds, so Chad and Joel gave Mark plenty of time to thoughtfully answer their questions. 
  • 80% of the questions Joel and Chad asked were open-ended. We always say that the most successful interviews are conversational, and that’s exactly what this was!

If interested, you can listen to the full podcast recording, “Live from Sun King” here.

Tune in next week to see whose interview chops we evaluate next! And if you missed last week’s post with Chris Russell, you can find it here.

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