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Recruitment Platform Software

In the past, online recruitment platforms were nothing more than a list of jobs that were actively hiring. Similar to the way people post items for sale on Craigslist. A company with an open role would post a job ad to the platform and candidates would apply directly. HR and recruitment teams would review their resume, schedule an interview, and hopefully find the right fit for the role. However, with advancements in technology and the demand for more efficient hiring processes, recruitment software has evolved into much more than just a job board.

Recruitment platform software is now designed to streamline the entire recruiting process – from sourcing and screening candidates to scheduling interviews, and ultimately making a hire and onboarding the new team member - the top recruiting platforms today offer a variety of features and tools to help companies find the best talent for their organization.


One of the key features of recruitment software like HireEZ is its ability to source candidates from various channels. This includes job boards, social media platforms, and even employee referrals. With the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, these platforms can also analyze job descriptions and candidate profiles so you find the best fit for each role.

Applicant Tracking Systems:

ATS systems like Lever serve as a foundation for all of the hiring process steps. They act as a central hub for all candidate information, resumes, and job postings. This allows recruiters to easily track and manage applicants throughout the entire recruiting process.

Video Interviewing Platforms & Interview Intelligence Software:

These two systems go hand-in-hand and save teams time and money screening, interviewing, and assessing candidates based on data rather than the interviewer’s "gut" feelings. Systems like Zoom and Pillar's interview intelligence serve as the backbone of any good recruitment team's tech stack.

There are also digital assistants like's Oliva that can automate many of the functions that don't require human touch: assessment and onboarding software, and many more. The key to all of these is their ability to work cohesively as an integrated system. Sharing data and automating tasks saves teams time and ensures consistency in the hiring process.

Before we get into more detail, let's talk about some of the benefits of using Recruitment Platform Software:

1. Time-saving: With automation and centralized systems, recruitment platform software saves HR teams a significant amount of time in sourcing, screening, scheduling, and onboarding candidates.

2. Cost-effective: By streamlining the recruiting process, companies can save on costs associated with traditional hiring methods such as job postings, paper resumes, and manual candidate tracking.

3. Improved efficiency: With the ability to analyze data and make data-driven decisions, recruitment software helps companies find the best fit for each role quickly and efficiently.

4. Better candidate experience: Recruitment platform software often includes features such as personalized communication, interview feedback, and self-scheduling options that enhance the overall candidate experience (CX).

5. Increased diversity and inclusion: With the use of AI and machine learning, recruitment software can help eliminate bias in the hiring process and ensure a more diverse pool of candidates.

As the demand for top talent continues to grow, companies must adapt to using technology in their recruiting processes. So let's dive in.

Recruiting Software Platforms

Recruitment software examples like the ones we've mentioned above all share a few things in common. They are designed to make the recruiting process more efficient and effective for hiring teams, but each platform has its own unique features and strengths. Here are some of the top recruiting software platforms and their benefits to your team:

- Lever: As mentioned earlier, Lever serves as an ATS system that helps companies track applicants throughout the hiring process. It also offers features like interview scheduling and candidate sourcing.

- Greenhouse & BambooHR: These platforms offer a comprehensive suite of tools for onboarding, and managing employees so they're "up to speed" quickly and efficiently.

- JazzHR: Known for its user-friendly interface and affordable pricing options, JazzHR offers features such as job posting distribution, candidate screening, and reporting.

- Pillar: Offers interview intelligence software that uses data and video interviews to provide valuable insights on candidates, helping companies make more informed hiring decisions.

- Paradox: Digital assistants like Olivia (from offer hiring teams the ability to automate tasks such as interview scheduling and candidate outreach, freeing up more time for HR teams to focus on other important tasks.

These are just a few examples of popular software for the recruitment process, but there are many others out there with unique features that cater to specific industries or company sizes. If you're currently in the market for these types of tools it's vital that you find the right fit for your industry, hiring needs, and budget.

How to choose the right recruitment platform for your team:

- Identify your hiring needs: Before selecting a recruitment platform, it's important to assess your company's current and future hiring needs. If you're an enterprise organization, you'll need tools to support many different hires in differing fields. If you're a small software startup, the same could be said for you. What specific things do you need in your hiring tech stack to make your job easier and handle the type of hires, as well as the number of hires you need to make each month?

- Consider the user interface: User experience is crucial when it comes to software adoption within a company. If one of the key members of your hiring team doesn't understand and use the platform you select, then a breakdown in communication can happen and add challenges to the hiring process.

- Look at integrations: The best recruitment platforms should integrate seamlessly with other software you may already be using, such as HRIS or payroll system. This ensures that data is easily shared and tasks can be automated across systems.

- Take advantage of demos and free trials: Many recruitment platforms offer free trials or demos to potential customers. Taking advantage of these opportunities allows you to test the system's features, user interface, and integrations before making a commitment.

Overall, whether you're a large corporation, an SMB, or a startup, utilizing the right recruitment software will save your team hours of time, and potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars by helping you efficiently make great hires who stay for years and help the company thrive.

Talent Acquisition Software

Talent acquisition software is a category of tools within the recruitment platform market that specifically focuses on finding and attracting top talent to a company- hence the name. With today's high demand for specialized talent, these talent acquisition tools fill your applicant funnel with quality candidates to screen and interview.

Recruiting software examples like HireEZ often use AI and machine learning to identify top candidates for specific roles, making the process more efficient and unbiased. Some talent acquisition software platforms also include features such as job ad distribution, candidate sourcing, and onboarding to streamline the entire recruiting process.

The best talent acquisition platforms also serve as an effective conduit between filling the candidate pool and advancing them to the screening and interview stages of the hiring process. They also offer features such as automated interview scheduling, candidate/ interviewer introduction emails, and other aspects of the hiring process that don't require a human touch. This makes things easier and saves HR teams an estimated 1-3 hours per candidate each week.

HR Recruitment Software

If you're currently in the market for the best recruiting software for a small business, you've probably been shocked by the prices of many common solutions today - you may also be overwhelmed by the long lists of features, complicated integrations, and other software hurdles you'll need to overcome when implementing a new system.

What if we told you there's a better option?

At Pillar, we've created the best HR recruitment software for recruitment agencies, startups, and small to medium-sized businesses. Our HR recruitment software offers all of the necessary features and integrations to help you make fast, efficient hires at an affordable price - making it perfect for any growing business looking to streamline its hiring process. With our user-friendly interface and AI-powered interview intelligence, we make it easy to attract top talent and make data-driven hiring decisions. Plus, our system integrates seamlessly with popular HRIS systems like BambooHR and Greenhouse, making the process even smoother for your HR team.

That said, we're just one of the more than 300 recruiting software examples available today. So, before making a decision on which software to invest in, make sure to thoroughly research and consider your hiring needs, budget, and company size to find the best fit for your team. With the right recruitment platform, you can streamline and improve your entire hiring process, leading to better hires and a stronger company overall.

If you're currently in the market for a hiring solution that helps you save time and money while driving vital metrics like increasing diversity and decreasing employee turnover, book a demo to see how Pillar can help your team today. We're committed to providing the most innovative and effective recruitment platform on the market, so you can focus on what matters most - finding and retaining top talent that will drive your company's success. Happy Hiring!