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Pillar is powering leading recruiting and search firms to speed up candidate placements and increase recruiter capacity

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Hiring success starts with the interview…

Pillar impacts the most critical hiring outcomes across your firm.

  • 32% faster time to submit
  • 2x faster candidate placements
  • 10 hours/week saved per recruiter
  • +4 client NPS


Maximize Recruiter Efficiency

Providing recruiters with the tools they need to save time and submit candidates faster.

  • AI-generated interview summaries to automate your candidate write-ups (saving 5-10 hours a week) 
  • Spend less time taking notes with interview transcription and the ability to create custom highlights
  • Use interview recordings to promote your candidates

Speed Up Candidate Placements

Get your candidates placed faster with candidate submissions that save clients time.

  • Increase the likelihood that your candidates will get chosen with video highlights that bring candidates to life
  • Save clients time - no need for them to repeat your interview
  • Interview less people per role

Accelerate Revenue Growth

Give your team a competitive advantage while creating stronger client relationships.

  • Increase total placements
  • Wow your clients - use video interviews as a competitive differentiator
  • Easily submit candidates across more clients
  • Quickly train your new recruiters so they can deliver results immediately

Bring interview intelligence into your hiring process

Center your hiring decisions on objective reality, rather than subjective opinions. Interview effectively and select the right candidates every time with Pillar.

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“As a recruiter, I spend hours on candidate write-ups. Now I just rely on Pillar’s AI to draft summaries of my interviews, and I can easily share them with my clients. This has saved me 5-10 hours per week, and I’m able to submit candidates faster than I ever have before.”

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