Why Pillar?

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Leading Professional Services Firm Bolsters Team Diversity & Smashes Quarterly Revenue Targets

"With Pillar, we've increased our hiring of diverse candidates by 59% in just two quarters. And we are seeing immediate impact on revenue."

- Head of DEI

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leading professionals
Fortune 1000 Company Orchestrates More Winning Interviews By Re-Imagining Their Hiring Process With Pillar

"Elite interviewing is essential in getting elite talent in our door. That's why Pillar is one of our most strategic software partners."

- Chief Human Resources Officer

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How One Software Company Hit Their Growing Sales Targets & Dramatically Reduced Failed Hiring by 50%

"As a CRO, hitting our revenue targets is always top of mind. Within three months of implementing Pillar, we've reduced our failed rate of hiring by 50%, ensuring we don't miss out on our aggressive sales quotas."

- Chief Revenue Officer

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Technical Recruiting Firm, Terminal, Improved Their Submission To Offer Rate By 2X Using Pillar's Hiring Platform

"Having the ability to record and share interview clips with our hiring teams has been a game-changer in getting good candidates into the process and speeding up our time to hire."

- Programs Manager, Talent Acquisition

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Tech Giant Increases Candidate Experience & Cuts Time To Hire In Half

"Within just a few months of implementing Pillar, we've cut our time to hire in half. Being able to review recorded interviews in minutes has been a total game changer in making more efficient hiring decisions."

- Chief People Officer

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The interview process =
the most important part to making efficient, equitable, and effective hiring decisions

Here's what a typical interview process looks like vs. what the interview process looks like with Pillar.
Typical Process
Oftentimes, interviewers show up to an interview blindly
Interviewers come up with questions on the fly
Gathering feedback from interviewers is like pulling teeth
Can't focus during interviews because you're preoccupied with taking notes (or don't take notes at all)
Diverse candidates are getting lost in the interview process
Hiring managers rely on their gut to make a hiring decision instead of data
Interviewers are never coached on how to provide a better candidate experience
Interviewing with Pillar
Get more out of the interview and provide a better candidate experience
Create a structured interview process so candidates are compared fairly and equitably
Speed up the hiring process and make more data-driven decisions
Pay more attention to the candidate and leave the note-taking to Pillar
Remove bias and provide advocacy and transparency for diverse candidates
Hire the best person for the role based on their skills and competencies
Turn your entire team into "pro" interviewers