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By recording live interviews, our platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to help teams run a faster, better interview process.

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Video Interviewing Platform

Looking for a tool that can help you make smarter, more informed hiring decisions? Interview intelligence is the solution you’ve been looking for to help you collect the data you need to make great hiring decisions. A video interviewing platform is an online tool that enables employers to conduct video interviews with job candidates. Video interviews can be conducted live or recorded, and are a convenient way to screen candidates from a distance. Using a video interviewing platform, you can expect to find all the tools you need in one place, giving you the ability to ask targeted questions and evaluate answers in real-time, so you can get a better sense of who each candidate is and whether they're a good fit for your organization. This type of platform can be especially helpful for businesses with remote employees or multiple locations.

There are a variety of video interviewing platforms on the market right now, although the features you can get from each one vary. In general, you can expect interview intelligence programs to allow you to track and compare candidates so you can see how they stack up against each other. The suite of tools offered by a video interviewing platform gives you the ability to collect better data and gather valuable insights from your interviews, including video analysis, transcriptions, andmore.

Video interviewing platforms are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a number of advantages over traditional in-person interviews. For one, video interviews save time and money by eliminating the need to travel to meet with candidates. In addition, video interviews can be conducted at any time and from anywhere, making them more convenient for both employers and job seekers. Finally, video interviews allow employers to get a better sense of a candidate's personality and communication style. Take a look at some video interview examples to get a better sense of how video interviews can help revolutionize your process.

Most Common Virtual Interview Platforms

Do you know what to look for when shopping for video interviewing software? Currently, the most common virtual interview platforms are existing tools like Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, and the like. While these tools certainly fulfill the virtual requirements, they are not specifically designed for video interviewing. When it comes to conducting remote or virtual interviews, there are many helpful tools that can be utilized to streamline the interview process and enable hiring teams to interview effectively and ensure that they get the right person hired.

A true video interview app, like Pillar, can give you more confidence in your interview process because of the wide range of useful tools available. Some of these tools include:

-Guidance through suggested interview questions to help you stay on track during the interview
-Consistent structure from one interview to the next to ensure that all candidates are being asked to demonstrate the same knowledge
-Notes sections so that each member of the hiring team can record their reactions in real-time and refer back to them later instead of trying to remember the words and feelings evoked by a candidate
-Fact-based insights gathered from the interview that allow hiring teams to compare candidates at a glance
-Coaching and guidance for interviewers to help ensure fair hiring processes and consistency from one candidate to the next
-Real-time interview guidance to keep the interview and the hiring team on the right track
-Interview tips from experts to help you coordinate your interview like a real conversation instead of like an interrogation, which is a fault of far too many interviews these days!

The Pillar video interviewing app is a revolutionary software designed to help hiring teams make the most of each interview and hire the most qualified candidate for the job.

Best Video Interviewing Software

Choosing the best video interviewing software available for your hiring process can truly step up your company’s game and help you land the most qualified candidate for the position. 

For companies hiring coders, an online coding interview platform may be the key to helping you find the right candidate. These kinds of interview platforms, specially designed for a specific job type, allow you to ask your interviewee specific performance questions, give them the means of answering your questions directly in the app, and then from there allow you to assess the code presented in their response. This kind of online coding interview platform gives you the tools you need to find the right candidate and ensure immediately that they are capable and skilled in the ways that their resume claims. 

Another type of interview software is pre-recorded video interview software or asynchronous interviewing which allows interviewees to record their responses to a series of pre-recorded questions for a portion of the process, in lieu of speaking to the hiring team live. Most often, the hiring team will also still interact with their candidates, but this kind of interview process allows the candidates to think carefully about their responses and provide thoughtful, detailed answers to questions. This version of interviewing can be really helpful for people who are introverts, don’t think fast on their feet, or who generally do not perform well on-the-spot. Everyone is different, so having different interviewing styles can help to keep your interview process inclusive and fair.

Interview Platforms

If your hiring team is looking for the best platform to record interviews, you have a unique opportunity to choose an interview platform that not only records your interviews but also provides your team with valuable interview tools. The Pillar video interviewing platform is designed to provide hiring teams with everything you need to fairly interview your candidates, provide unbiased interviews to all of your potential hires, keep track of their responses to questions as well as your hiring team’s reactions to each candidate, and more. 

Our secure, cloud-based solution makes it easy to capture high-quality videos and audio, so you can get the insights you need to make better hiring decisions. Plus, our interview intelligence features let you analyze your data to see how the competition stacks up against one another and how well they will fit into the existing team. Interview intelligence software gives you the opportunity to see how candidates perform under pressure, identify patterns in their responses, and get a better understanding of how their qualifications translate to skills and knowledge. 

How is this different from traditional interviewing? In a traditional interview, it’s the responsibility of the hiring team to remember all of these details and recall them later when it comes time to determine who goes on to the next stage. This is often difficult as many candidates begin to blur together over time in our memories. Interview intelligence software paired with a video interview platform can provide you with all of the tools you need for a successful and unbiased interview process. 

Online Interview Platform

When it comes to selecting the online interview platform for your company’s hiring process, you will base your choice on your particular needs. For example, if you’re hiring for coding, an online coding interview platform may be the best choice because it is specifically designed for your industry. Choosing a video interviewing platform that you will use for all of your hiring processes is easier than you may think. 

Pillar’s video interviewing platform features more than just a video platform like the traditional online meeting programs, giving you the tools you need to ensure that your interviews are fair, balanced, and structured in such a way that every interviewee undergoes the same level of scrutiny from your team. Some of the most beneficial features are the ability to take notes in real-time so that you don’t have to rely on faulty recall and scattered notes. Interview intelligence gives you the tools you need to make your interview and hiring processes better, which in turn helps you to build a better team for your company. 

The hiring process has been largely the same for decades, but with interview intelligence software, companies have the opportunity to transform the tired processes as well as hiring overall! It is Pillar’s goal to remove bias from interviews, revolutionize and standardize interviewing, and build better businesses. Interested in seeing a demo? Register today at We can’t wait to help your transform your hiring process and build a better team.