Video Interviewing Platforms

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By recording live interviews, our platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to help teams run a faster, better interview process.

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Video Interviewing Platforms

The best video interviewing platforms can help you gain invaluable candidate insights, save time and money, shorten the time to hire, and help you make better hiring decisions. But before we get to that, what are video interviewing platforms?

Video interviewing platforms, also known as online interview platforms are tools that enable companies to interview candidates remotely. "Remote" has been a preferred working environment for tech, SaaS, and startups for going on 10 years now, but when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, stay-at-home orders and other in-office limitations pushed nearly all companies to change how people work. As you can imagine, these changes also affected hiring and the processes and tools we use to attract top talent.

Online interview apps are designed to simulate the traditional in-person interview experience, allowing recruiters and hiring managers to evaluate candidates for open positions without having to travel or pay for an onsite meeting. As video interview platforms have grown in popularity, so have the intelligence tools and features they offer.

Interview intelligence software is one of the more recent additions to the video interview platform market and uses Ai (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) to analyze candidates' answers, vocal patterns, facial expressions, and body language. This kind of analysis helps recruiters understand the candidate better and get a sense of how they might fit into their organization before having to meet them in person.

These powerful tools, especially Ai, are what make modern video interviewing platforms stand out from the rest. With them, you can quickly automate much of the preparation, interview questions, scheduling, scoring, and other processes.

For example, some of the most advanced video interview platforms, like Pillar allow recruiters to record the interviews, and then the platform automatically transcribes and indexes the text so that you can share candidates' insights and scores with different members of your team. This makes the entire process easier on hiring teams and recruiters removing opportunities for bias and creating a more objective hiring process. The platform can also be integrated with the applicant tracking system (ATS) you already use, allowing recruiters to seamlessly transfer candidate data and insights so they can make data-driven decisions quickly - which is an invaluable resource in a fast-paced, high-tech world.

Best Video Interviewing Software

The best video interviewing software is going to depend on your individual needs, the roles you're hiring for, and your industry. Pillar is a powerful online interview platform built for recruiters, hiring managers, and teams. Primarily used as the interview intelligence platform attached to either Zoom or Teams to interview Salespeople, Engineers, Data Analysts, Human Resources Professionals, Recruiters, Software Developers, and Executives, Pillar uses Ai to analyze the interviews, provides transcripts of the questions and candidate answers, and allows you to score candidates based on those answers.

Pillar offers a suite of tools including scheduling automation, candidate introductions, and interview question libraries, to simplify the interview process and create more objective hiring environments. This eliminates bias from the hiring process and automates much of the work that recruiters and hiring managers would normally spend hours each week completing.

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, Pillar can help you make the best decision for your company and get the right people in the door so you can hire top talent. So if you want to save time, money, and energy when it comes to hiring top talent, then video interview software is definitely worth looking into.

The future is digital. In fact, it's Ai - and the best video interviewing platforms are setting themselves up for success now by providing the necessary tools to help recruiters and hiring teams make the best hiring decisions for their companies. With automation, AI-driven analysis, and comprehensive data-sharing capabilities, it's no wonder why video interview platforms have become so popular among talent teams. So if you're looking to take your hiring process to the next level, then be sure to check out a leading video interviewing option like Pillar today!

By leveraging the power of Ai and ML, you can make smarter, faster decisions about your hiring process without having to sacrifice candidate quality and experience. The best video interview software should be user-friendly, comprehensive, and have all the features you need to find the right talent for your organization. So don't wait - start exploring what technology can best serve your team.

Best Interview Platforms

Video interviewing has gone mainstream, especially for screenings and first interviews.

Just a few years ago, as I began my career, I remember walking into a large office building downtown mid-afternoon on a fall day, newly updated resume in hand, ready to meet the hiring manager. I timidly rode up the elevator and stepped into the lobby, only to realize that I was one of 50+ people interviewing for the role. My heart sank.

As I walked up to the assistant at the desk, got a name tag, and put my resume into the stack of other candidates, I thought to myself - "I'm in the wrong place." The assistant told me before going into the first interview to take 5 minutes and cancel any plans I had that day as their interview policy was to run the candidates through 5 rounds of interviews with assessments in between and offer the job to the candidate who came out on top. What a terrible experience.

Contrast that "boiler-room" experience to today's technology and you'll see a far more efficient and effective process. Today, the whole process of interviewing can be done right from your own living room or home office space. If you've ever used Zoom or Teams for video conferencing, then you know how easy it is to connect with someone online, anywhere in the world, with a laptop and a wifi connection.

Instead of dozens of people waiting in lines, competing for the same role, there are now platforms like Zoom and apps like Pillar that can streamline the entire interview process and give you real data-driven insights into your candidate's fit for a role. Almost every video interviewing platform comes equipped with an entire suite of tools to automate every step of the process from scheduling and introducing candidates, to interview question libraries - allowing recruiters and hiring teams to make more informed decisions quickly and effectively.

We've made a giant leap forward in the way we interview. What felt like wolves fighting to be the alpha, is now a sophisticated process that can be tailored to each company's specific needs. This shift has led to a focus on equality in interviewing, eliminating bias, and making space at the table for new voices who wouldn't have had an opportunity before.

So if you're in the market for a better way to hire top talent, then be sure to check out what video interviewing platforms have to offer. You can find lists of them on G2, Capterra, and other review sites - categorized by the ease of use, price, adoption rates, and availability of support.

Ai Interview Software

As we dive into the topic of Ai interview software, I realize that many of us will probably have drastically different views of Ai in hiring. Some of us think it's the coolest thing we've ever seen, and some of us are terrified that it's going to ruin hiring or take our jobs. Only time will tell what Ai will become, but let's find common ground for the purposes of this conversation.

Ai interview software, in the hands of good people who care about creating an equality-driven hiring process will produce excellent results. We've seen this repeatedly building Pillar. When the people inside a company care deeply about people and create a culture where those people thrive, they use tools like ours to generate amazing results. Lowering time to hire, employee turnover, and decreasing hiring costs to the tune of millions of in company funds.

Customers of ours who hire 5+ people per month can save 20+ hours per week and save 1.5M dollars on average. This is huge if you're a small VC-backed startup or even a scale-up. The reason for this is that hyper-growth requires great people. You need to be able to identify them quickly and accurately. That's where Ai interview software comes in handy.

Ai helps you make faster, data-driven hiring decisions by quickly sifting through hundreds of resumes and putting the cream at the top of your list. But again, that only works if you have good people working for you who understand the importance of creating a culture that values fairness and equality in hiring.

So, if you're looking for a tool to help your team make faster, data-driven decisions - book a demo to check out Pillar's AI-powered interview intelligence software. It will give you actionable insights into each candidate's fit for the role and how they interact with your culture, people, and values.