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By recording live interviews, our platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to help teams run a faster, better interview process.

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Interview Training

With the rise of remote and virtual hiring, more companies are turning to interview training as a way to ensure that their selection process runs smoothly and provides a great candidate experience. Interview training for employees and managers helps to ensure that the hiring process is conducted in a professional and unbiased manner.

As workforce shortages continue, and access to talent worldwide becomes accessible, it’s essential that interviews are conducted in a way that brings out the best in a candidate. Online interview training can provide managers with the skills they need to ask the right questions and draw out the most meaningful responses from each candidate.

Interview training can be done online or in person, and there are many courses available designed specifically for interviewers and cover most of the interviewing process. One set of free resources that I'd highly recommend to get started is LinkedIn's Hiring and Interviewing Courses. The courses offered will walk you through everything from mastering common interview questions to utilizing tools like interview intelligence software

Interview Training Online

Online interview training courses are increasingly popular, today. They allow managers to brush up on their interviewing skills in their own time and at their own pace. They can provide a great opportunity for managers to become more confident in the recruitment process, while still being able to practice different interview scenarios and receive feedback from an instructor or mentor.

Online courses typically include an introduction to the hiring process, strategies for asking effective questions, and techniques to evaluate candidates. They may also include a variety of exercises to help managers practice their skills in interviewing. Additionally, many online courses provide resources such as sample interview questions and templates that can be used during actual interviews.

As the global talent pool continues to expand, so does the need for diversity and inclusion training. DEI impact is something that many companies look for when choosing new hires, and online courses are a great way to gain the necessary skills to evaluate each candidate objectively on their qualifications and not subjectively on any other factors.  By providing online interview training for managers, companies can ensure fairness in the hiring process and create an atmosphere of respect and equality for all candidates.  This can be a huge asset for any organization looking to make sure their hiring practices are up-to-date and in line with current regulations.

Other topics covered in interview training online are hiring etiquette, building an effective recruitment tech stack, and communication skills. 

By investing in quality interview training, managers can become better equipped to make the right hiring decisions for their company. This can result in faster time-to-hire, improved candidate experience, and increased employee retention rates.  Ultimately, online courses provide an invaluable resource for all companies that wish to stay competitive in today’s job market.

Interview Training for Hiring Managers Powerpoint

At Pillar, we've identified 5 primary types of interview questions to ask candidates. These categories are behavioral, technical, past performance, culture fit, and situational interview questions.

Behavioral interview questions help to determine how a candidate has behaved in the past while technical questions will give you an understanding of their skill level. Past performance questions evaluate their accomplishments and successes, and culture fit questions help you identify how someone may fit into your work culture. And lastly, situational questions allow you to see how a candidate will respond when presented with a hypothetical situation.

All of the categories above can be formulated into semi-structured interview questions to be included in interview training for hiring managers, powerpoints for interviewer coaching, and accessible on the company cloud to panel interviewers who'll be involved in the hiring process.

You may find that the most successful candidates come through a focus on behavioral traits in the interview process. The reason for this is that behavioral traits often indicate the potential for success. Therefore, by incorporating these questions into your interview process, you can better evaluate candidates and make more informed decisions when it comes to hiring. Creating specific, behavioral interview training for hiring managers can lead to more successful hires, fewer mistakes in the hiring process, and better use of time and resources.

At Pillar, we believe that interview training should be taken seriously by all companies. We built our platform to help HR managers and recruiting professionals effectively coach interviewers with Ai powered insights that can be turned into online interview training for managers and interviewers that will help them make better hiring decisions, reach diversity goals, and shorten the time-to-hire dramatically.

The key to successful interviewing is preparation. If you're a hiring manager working with a team leader to identify great candidates for their team, have the leader assemble a screening and interview ppt (Powerpoint) presentation with the necessary skills, and "nice to haves." You can then present this ppt to anyone identifying, screening, or interviewing candidates to use as their “Northstar.” This ppt will allow you to ask candidates the right questions in the right way to help you identify their true skills and abilities.

Interview Training for Hiring Managers

Interviewing skills are perishable. Therefore, it is important to make sure regular interview training for hiring managers is provided. These pieces of training should help hiring managers identify a candidate’s true potential, ensure they comply with current regulations, and equip them with the skills needed to make informed decisions when hiring.

In, "The Ultimate Interview Checklist," we outlined an entire hiring process that can serve as an interview guide/ template for hiring managers looking to bring on top talent. It walks through the 3 phases of hiring and provides valuable tips for each phase. From prepping for the interview to asking the right questions and evaluating a candidate’s true potential, this checklist is designed to ensure that hiring managers can make informed decisions.

The ultimate goal of any interview training for interviewers should be to create candidate interactions that invoke thoughtful and meaningful conversations while allowing candidates to express their experiences and backgrounds fully.

We also created title resources you can use as a guide for each role. For instance, "How to Hire the Best Salespeople," is a PDF ebook that you can download with tips and tricks to identify and hire the best salespeople. It provides the most effective interview questions for sales roles, helps you evaluate a candidate’s communication skills, and explains how to make decisions that will add value to your team. Including a resource like this in your interviewing skills training for managers PDF stack is a great way to ensure they have the tools they need to interview successfully.

At Pillar, we believe that in order for companies to reach their full potential, effective interviewing skills training must be incorporated into their hiring process. We created these resources and many others because we're passionate about helping you create a successful, fair, and inclusive recruitment process with our knowledge and resources.

Our video interview platform includes a suite of interview training for hiring managers, videos, 1000+ role-specific questions, and insights that will help you make the best hiring decisions. These online interview training for managers are designed to help your team evaluate a candidate's skills and abilities accurately to ensure quality hires in the shortest amount of time possible.

Mock Interview Training

As we discussed in the previous section, interview skills are perishable. The world is ever-changing and regulations, best practices, and hiring trends are all in flux. Mock interview training is a great way to stay up-to-date and get the best out of your interviewers.

Mock interview examples are real interviews conducted with real candidates that have been recorded, transcribed, and highlighted to provide valuable feedback for hiring managers and their teams. These mock interview sessions have been curated to showcase positive and negative interview moments and provide tips for the interviewer on how to better handle the conversations.

Mock interview training is a great way to ensure that hiring managers stay up-to-date on interviewing best practices, and maintain an unbiased approach when speaking with potential candidates. In addition, they can help interviewers refine their questioning skills while also providing feedback they can use to evaluate a candidate’s true potential.

Mock interview questions should accurately reflect the role and company’s requirements, and the mock interviews themselves should be conducted with hiring managers and HR professionals to ensure compliance. This guarantees that the information shared with hiring managers is as accurate and reliable as possible.

If you're currently taking a second look at your hiring process and have noticed some gaps that you'd like to fill, schedule a demo to chat with someone on our team. We'll be happy to help you create an inclusive hiring process, develop a recruiting tech stack that's efficient and effective for your needs, and get your team prepared with interview skills training.

At Pillar, our mission is to help you hire better. To achieve this, we have developed a suite of tools that are perfectly crafted to fulfill your recruitment needs. Book a demo to see how it works, today!