Best Recruitment Platforms

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Best Recruitment Platforms

There are many lists online of the "best recruitment platforms." A few offer great resources like the lists of customer reviews that G2, TrustRadius, and Trustpilot provide. But often when looking at the best hiring platforms for employers, HR teams, recruiters, and hiring managers can get bogged down in the sheer volume of options available.

Recruiting platforms are software tools designed to streamline and simplify the hiring process- so getting bogged down would completely defeat the purpose. These solutions were created to help employers, HR teams, recruiters, and hiring managers manage their recruitment efforts in an efficient and equitable way.

G2 lists more than 100 "best recruiting platforms" platforms, more when you change the filters to include software, tools, and solutions - and the numbers really swell when you add in hiring media and other keywords. Last I checked there were more than 600 total options in the market. That's a lot of choices to sift through and compare. So how do you find the best recruiting software for your needs?

How to choose the best recruitment software:

Firstly, look at your team size- the smaller your team is, the more important it becomes that every solution in your tech stack integrates with each other. One of the most important factors to consider when choosing recruitment software is its ease of use and ability to interact with all the other tools in your recruiting tech stack. This stack usually begins with an applicant tracking system (ATS) and ends with onboarding and employee performance management tools. In between, you'll have AI sourcing tools, interview intelligence software, video interview platforms, and more to help you gather insights into the talent you want to hire.

Next, you have to look at a platform's ability to provide intelligent data on candidates to help you make great decisions and hire the right people. This is where tools like HireEz,, and Pillar come into play. These tools integrate to help you find, screen, and interview candidates through AI sourcing, outbound recruiting, and interview intelligence.

Following your identification and interviewing tools, you'll need assessment tools like personality tests, coding interview platforms, and hiring assessment solutions that can integrate with your stack and help you make the best hiring decisions. These tools will help you go a level deeper than screening and interview conversations and actually test a person's skills and cultural fit into a team - when making a decision as to which one to use, think about what data is vital to your employee search and use that as your north star.

Finally, you need to take a look at pricing and support. What is the value add of the solution - can it help you save money on hiring costs? Does it provide support during deployment and training as well as ensuring your team leverages it for maximum effectiveness?

Best Recruitment Software

The best recruitment software will always be the one that best fits your needs, industry, and budget. Recruiting software platforms come in all shapes and sizes, from industry-specific to all-around solutions. The best solution for your previous role may not work well for the one you're stepping into. As a result, top recruiting platforms try to focus their solutions on specific industry needs, responsibilities for HR teams, and even company size. They all offer different features that may be most useful to one type of user but not another. For example, a top recruiting platform focused on sourcing might be great for smaller teams with lower candidate volume, recruitment software for agencies may focus more on the front of the recruitment process, and enterprise platforms will be designed to handle higher volumes while providing advanced features like AI scheduling and interview analytics.

So how do you find the best recruiting software for your team? Start by evaluating your current needs and priorities and making a list. Is there a specific platform that markets the majority of the items from your list as benefits? What features are most important to you and your team? How much integration do you need with other tools in your tech stack? Are there any industry-specific compliance regulations that need to be considered? Once you have a clear understanding of your needs, it comes down to features. Are there features you've found to be extremely helpful in the past?

Examples of these features may be AI interview analysis, interviewer coaching tools, interview questions library, interview scheduling automation, and built-in assessment tools. By focusing on the features that align with your priorities, you can narrow down the list of potential solutions to find the best recruitment software for your team- and the benefits of these features will go a long way to creating a more effective, efficient, and equitable hiring process for your candidates.

One thing we haven't covered yet is what the candidate thinks of their CX. Candidate experience is more important now than ever before as workforce shortages and skill gaps can make or break the hiring process. The best recruitment software platforms also offer candidate-focused features like personalized communications, automated updates on their status in the recruiting process, and interview feedback sharing. These features not only improve the overall candidate experience but also help to build a positive employer brand image.

Best Recruiting Software

Recruiting software has come a long way in recent years with advancements in technology like AI and automation helping to simplify and optimize the recruitment process. Whether you're an agency looking for the best talent acquisition software to expand your client base or a company looking for top talent, there are various options to choose from. Either way, finding the best recruiting software is crucial in today's competitive job market. Not only does it help streamline and simplify hiring processes, but it also ensures a more efficient and equitable recruitment process. With the increasing use of AI in recruitment, top-of-the-line recruiting software examples can provide valuable insights into candidates and help you make data-driven hiring decisions.

Let's talk about AI for a moment. Recently, a few large companies have experienced hiring challenges as their internally built talent acquisition software showed bias toward one group or another. Obviously, bias in the hiring process is something that no company wants to be accused of, but unfortunately, it is something that can happen - especially if the tools you're using are not designed with diversity and inclusion in mind. This is where solutions like Pillar come into play. With interview intelligence features like language analysis algorithms and built-in diversity metrics, these solutions can help mitigate bias while also providing valuable insights into candidate performance.

As an HR recruitment software, Pillar also wanted to focus on the skills of the interviewer. Not only from a perspective of mitigating bias and creating more objective interview processes but also because elevating the skills of interviewers means better employees. With features like coaching tools, interviewer training modules, and question libraries, Pillar is dedicated to helping your team become expert interviewers and ultimately make better hiring decisions. In fact, one of our users has seen a 52% increase in hiring diversity using our solutions.

This is a vital metric in today's world as ESG has increased in scope and focus within modern companies. Diversity and Inclusion show that your company is committed to providing equal opportunities for all candidates, regardless of their backgrounds. This not only creates a more equitable hiring process but also helps attract top talent who value diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

So when it comes to choosing the best recruiting software for your team, don't just look at the features and benefits for your company, but also consider the impact it will have on candidates and their experience as this will affect not only your brand and reputation, it will also ultimately impact the success of your hiring process. Remember, finding the best recruitment software is not just about efficiency and effectiveness, it's also about creating a positive candidate experience and building a strong employer brand. Keep these factors in mind as you evaluate different solutions to find the best fit for your team and goals. With the right recruiting software, you can elevate your entire hiring process and gain a competitive edge in the job market.

If you've seen a decrease in any of your vital metrics, time to hire, cost to hire, DEI, attrition, and others and you'd like to try a different solution, we'd love to help! With Pillar's focus on efficient and equitable hiring practices, we believe we are one of the best recruitment platforms available. But don't just take our word for it, book your demo today to see how Pillar can revolutionize your recruitment process!