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Talent Acquisition Team vs HR Team

The talent acquisition and human resources teams are both directly involved with the employees of an organization, but they retain different roles in recruiting and managing employees. Pillar offers AI interview and training tools that can be used by recruiters and hiring teams to help your organization find the best candidates. Here is more information about the roles of the talent acquisition and HR teams: 

Talent Acquisition Team

The talent acquisition team identifies and sources team members for your organization. Talent acquisition uses internal and external sources to find and attract talent. These sources include: 

  • Career fairs
  • Employment agencies
  • Job websites
  • Networking events
  • Recruiters 
  • Referrals 
  • Social media
  • Universities 

The Talent Acquisition Manager develops and implements recruiting plans to make sure the company is attracting, hiring, and retaining top candidates. The overall goal of talent acquisition is to find the best people to fulfill key roles in an organization and help achieve business objectives. When creating your company's talent acquisition team, we recommend filling it with managers, HR specialists, and recruiting experts. 

Talent acquisition focuses on finding candidates rather than simply filling open positions. This process includes screening and onboarding candidates. Pillar utilizes AI interview tools to help recruiters speed up the candidate placement process. Instead of recruiters having to write out candidate write-ups, Pillar automates the process with AI-generated interview summaries. Pillar also automatically creates video highlights of virtual interviews, allowing you to use video clips to promote your candidates.

Human Resources Team 

HR is responsible for managing the hired employees within a company and activities related to them. This includes handling employee relations, training, benefits, and compensation. HR operations focus on efficiently managing human resource processes to make sure employees have the knowledge and support they need to contribute to the organization.

The responsibilities of the HR team vary according to the type and size of the organization. These can include: 

  • Administering compensation and benefits packages
  • Advising employees about their rights 
  • Creating and maintaining relationships with outside vendors, such as payroll services
  • Collaborating with internal departments to create and implement policies that support the company’s human resources strategy 
  • Developing and implementing training programs for employees
  • Helping with grievances or complaints connected to employee relations issues
  • Making sure there is effective communication between management, employees, HR staff, and stakeholders
  • Observing compliance with labor laws

The HR operating staff usually oversees the entire recruitment process. This includes interviewing and choosing employees and checking references. HR also provides onboarding and orientation programs. 

Pillar offers solutions for hiring teams by streamlining the hiring process and removing bias from interviews. We utilize interview intelligence software, creating standardized interview questions that focus on the candidates’ skills. We provide automatic training and coaching for the interviewers in your organization. After the interview, Pillar provides interviewers with specific feedback and suggestions, identifying areas for improvement. This includes unsuitable interview topics and moments of bias.

AI Interview Tools at Pillar 

Our cloud-based interview software provides data-driven decision-making tools to guide your hiring teams throughout the interview process. Pillar provides live assistance during the interview through our Interview Copilot, allowing your interviewer to take notes and score the interviewee in real time. The interviewer can use Pillar to compare two candidates’ skills in a side-by-side comparison. This allows candidates to advance based on real insights. Pillar can be connected to the interviewer’s Applicant Tracking System, video, and calendar. We integrate with a variety of ATS platforms, including Workday, Greenhouse, Lever, and iCIMS. We also offer a customizable training center with interviewing guidelines and educational material for your business. Schedule a demo today to learn more about Pillar’s AI interview tools. 

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