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Pillar is powering leading recruiting and search firms to speed up candidate placements and increase recruiter capacity.

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Maximize Recruiter Efficiency

Providing recruiters with the tools they need to save time and submit candidates faster.

• Spend less time taking notes with interview transcription and the ability to create custom highlights
• Share video highlights with clients instead of candidate write-ups (saving 5-10 hours a week)
• Use interview recordings to get feedback before a client’s first interview

Speed Up Candidate Placements

Get your candidates placed faster with candidate submissions that save clients time.

• Increase the likelihood that your candidates will get chosen with video highlights that bring candidates to life
• Save clients time - no need for them to repeat your interview
• Narrow in on your client's specific needs faster
• Interview less people per role

Accelerate Revenue Growth

Give your team a competitive advantage while creating stronger client relationships.

• Increase total placements by placing candidates faster
• Wow your clients - use video interviews as a competitive differentiator
• Easily submit candidates across more clients
• Quickly train your new recruiters so they can deliver results immediately

What are Recruiting & Search Firms saying?

"Pillar has revolutionized the way we do business. It's not only a new, innovative way to get closer to our clients, but Pillar makes it so that we never have to do candidate write-ups again, saving our recruiters 5-10 hours per week. GAME CHANGER!"