Pillar for Hiring Teams

Great teams start with
great interviews

Pillar is helping teams hire more strategically
in a post-COVID, DEI-focused world.

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faster time
to hire


increase in
diverse hires

Hire Based on Real Data

Say goodbye to the days of relying on your gut and hazy memory to make hiring decisions, say hello to more clarity into who the right person for the role is.

• Compare candidates side-by-side based on skills and real data
• Run fact-based candidate debriefs
• Go back to the tape on candidate responses
• Collect high-quality candidate feedback

Hire Faster

Hire in days, not weeks, mitigating the risk of losing out on the perfect candidate.

• Cut down the number of people you need to have in an interview
• Review 45-minute interviews in 10-minutes
• Never repeat the same questions ever again
• Collect high quality candidate feedback faster

WOW Your Candidates

A positive candidate experience matters. Attract a better pool of candidates and leave rejected candidates with a positive view of your company.

• Create genuine connections with your candidates
• Run well-coordinated interviews
• Never repeat the same questions twice
• Coach interviewers to be great at interviewing

Remove Bias from the Interview

Tired of falling short on your diversity goals? Pillar makes it so that you never have to worry about meeting your DEI goals again...and ensures that diverse candidates aren't getting lost in the process.

• Bring transparency to the interview process
• Run consistent interviews across candidates
• Lower the likelihood of bias with real-time feedback
• Coach interviewers to be great at interviewing

What are Hiring Teams saying?

"I love that Pillar records our conversations so I can go back and review them all after a full day of interviews. The ability to highlight key parts of the conversation makes it easy to pull out what I want to share with the hiring managers and recruiting team. Taking notes, recording a call, and reviewing all within one system is a recruiter's dream! As an added bonus, the Pillar support team is great!