Front End Developer Interview Questions

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Front End Developer Interview Questions

Looking to add a front-end developer to your team? In this article, we’ll provide the information you need to narrow down candidates, interview them, and determine which person has the appropriate skills and qualifications for the role. First of all, it’s important to clearly understand what it is that a front-end developer is and does. The hiring manager needs to understand the ins and outs of the role. Why? This is how you create a solid job description, narrow down the skills and qualifications of your candidates, ask the right questions, know which answers are not only correct but astounding, and more. 

So, that said, what is a front-end developer? Front-end developers are the creative force behind the look, feel, and user experience of a website. Front-end development requires an understanding of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and other web technologies to create engaging visual designs that draw in users. A good front-end developer is able to take a design concept and turn it into a working model that meets the needs of both users and business owners. 

Front-end developers must be creative, organized, and able to solve problems quickly and efficiently. Additionally, they must have an eye for detail and the ability to think holistically about a project from start to finish. With the increasing complexity of web applications, front-end developers must stay abreast of new technologies while maintaining their existing skills.

Okay, so how do we put all of that into layman’s terms? Well, you don’t entirely need to. Sometimes, it can be extremely effective to use technical jargon in your job descriptions because that can help narrow down your candidates initially. A candidate who is expected to perform a job must be aware of the technical jargon and be familiar enough with it that reading a description written in that language makes sense to them. 

Front End Developer Technical Interview Questions

Once the interview is scheduled, you will have to know what questions you want to ask candidates in front-end developer interviews. First, you may want to simply do a Google search or even ask an AI chatbot to do the research for you. This is a simple way to gather a list, like a brainstorming session. You can do this by beginning a search for front-end developer technical interview questions and answers. Of course, you won’t want to end here. Once you have gathered some questions, you will want to discuss them with an actual front-end developer to make sure that you have the right information and are looking for the right answers from your interviewees. 

To begin, here are some front end developer technical interview questions you may want to ask:

Question to address knowledge of HTML/CSS Basics:

Q: What is the purpose of HTML and CSS in web development?
A: HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is used for structuring web content, while CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is used for styling and layout. HTML defines the structure, and CSS controls the presentation.

Q: Explain the difference between margin and padding in CSS.
A: Margin is the space outside an element, creating separation from other elements, while padding is the space inside an element, separating its content from its border.

Q: What is the box model in CSS?
A: The CSS box model describes how elements are rendered on a web page. It consists of content, padding, border, and margin.

You will also want to ask questions about responsive web design, JavaScript fundamentals, DOM manipulation, frameworks and libraries, version control, and more. You and your team can tailor the questions based on the specific skills and knowledge you are looking for in a candidate.

The front-end interview process will likely follow a specific outline, including a working interview. In other words, you will need your chosen candidate to demonstrate their ability to perform the job as well as understand the language, terminology, programs, best practices, etc. After you have interviewed the candidate and determined that they are a good fit in terms of their knowledge and ability to answer questions, you will want to see them demonstrate their actual abilities to perform the role they would be hired for. Depending on your company policy, you may choose to pay candidates a small stipend for their time performing a working interview, or technical interview, for you for the sake of fairness. You should not use their work without paying them for it. 

To create a working assignment, consider your list of front-end developer technical interview questions and choose a task that will demonstrate the competency of the employee and allow them to show you their skill. Give them a limited amount of time to complete the assignment and provide feedback to them after the work has been completed. In short, do your best to demonstrate to them what the work environment would be like if they were to work for you. This allows the working interview portion to have value for both you and them. 

Front End Developer Interview Questions And Answers

Having a thorough understanding of what a front-end developer is and does is important as you begin interviewing. It can help you develop interview questions, know good answers when you hear them, and understand what you are looking for in an employee.

Front-end developers are the imaginative driving force responsible for shaping a website's appearance, user interface, and overall user experience. Proficiency in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and various web technologies is essential for front-end development, enabling the creation of captivating visual designs that captivate users. An adept front-end developer possesses the skill to transform design concepts into functional prototypes that satisfy both user requirements and business objectives.

Front-end developers need to embody qualities such as creativity, organizational prowess, and the capacity to swiftly and effectively resolve issues. Additionally, they must have keen attention to detail and the ability to consider the entirety of a project, from inception to completion. In an ever-evolving landscape of web applications, front-end developers must keep up with emerging technologies while preserving their existing skill set.

As you are developing your interview process and creating front-end developer interview questions (and answers) for your interview process, here are some common topics to cover for both front-end developer technical interviews and junior front-end developer interviews: 


- What is the purpose of HTML and CSS in web development?
- Explain the box model in CSS.

2.) JavaScript:

- What is a closure in JavaScript?
- How do you handle asynchronous operations in JavaScript?

3.) Responsive Design:

- What are media queries in CSS?
- How do you make a website responsive?

4.) DOM Manipulation:

- How do you select an element in the DOM using JavaScript?
- What is event delegation?

5.) Frameworks/Libraries:

- Name a popular JavaScript framework or library for building user interfaces.
- What are the key features of a single-page application (SPA)?

6.) Version Control (Git):

- What is Git, and why is it important for web development?
- How do you resolve a merge conflict in Git?

Once you have these questions, they can be entered into your interview intelligence program to ensure continuity from one candidate to the next. If you’re not already using interview intelligence software, try our free demo!

Whether you are gathering front-end developer interview questions and answers for an advanced position or hiring an entry-level employee and developing junior front-end developer interview questions and answers, your process may be similar from start to finish. Utilizing a consistent process for your interviews will help you better compare candidates for knowledge, skill, and culture fit. You can also compare notes with some of our other articles about hiring software developers and other similar roles. 

What have your experiences been with your front-end developer interview processes?