Tech, Process, & People - The Holy Trinity of Recruiting

AI and automation are the buzzwords of the day. They're transforming the way we craft our messaging to job candidates. Yet, amidst this technological revolution, we mustn't forget the inherent truth: people want to work with people.

During our November webinar, we chatted with Craig Fisher, Founder of TalentNet Media and acclaimed author of the best-selling book "Hiring Humans", who showed us how a bit of tech, a better process, and keeping the human touch alive can make all the difference when it comes to showing candidates you want them in your organization.

Check out the full 1-hour webinar below or read on for five of the top tips Craig shared on how these three critical elements (tech, process, and people) can work in harmony to transform your recruiting efforts into a seamless and successful process.

Tip #1: When you introduce yourself to someone, you should always tell them something personal about yourself.

This way you open it up for them to share with you because you’re more humanized already. You’re probably wondering what the purpose of the picture below is. Well, this is Craig’s family from the 1970’s…what he shared with the audience on a personal level. Craig mentioned that we should all share something personal about ourselves on places like our LinkedIn profile as we’ll suddenly appear more human than the average recruiter trying to connect with prospective candidates. In fact, we should all have three things that we feel comfortable sharing with the world.

Tip #2: Create a LinkedIn company page for any job you’re advertising.

First off, these types of pages have really good SEO results. As an example, when Craig launched his book, he created a separate “experience” on his profile and immediately, his entire network was notified that he started a new job. So, let’s say you’re hiring for Marketing Interns, you could title your page or even change your experience to “Hiring Marketing Interns for [ABC Company]", and then everyone you’re connected with will get a notification…plus it’s free advertising!

Tip #3: Your recruitment process, recruitment marketing, employer branding, and technology do not work alone.

Sometimes as employers, we create project teams to focus on these efforts separately, and nobody is stepping back to look at how all these initiatives should work together. What you ultimately want is “seamless hiring”, so to do this, you need to drill down and take a microscope to everything that happens to create the right candidate journey. The key here is to be emphatic about what your candidates are experiencing throughout your entire hiring process.

Tip #4: Know your audience.

Within your organization, there are micro-cultures. Your company is not just one culture, and you’re not just trying to hire one type of person. The best way to know your audience is to build personas, and Craig uses a tool called an empathy map. Building personas really helps you understand who you’re talking to when you write your job descriptions.

Tip #5: Screen candidates with landing pages and knockout questions (questions that immediately eliminate a candidate from consideration).

SHRM found that 70% of hiring managers believe that knockout questions can help to improve the accuracy of job applications. As you’re thinking about knockout questions, avoid asking questions that could be considered discriminatory, test the questions with a small group of people to make sure they’re understood, and make sure the questions are relevant to the job requirements. Craig recommends using free tools like Jotform or Zapier to sync your knockout questions with your ATS.

Thanks to Craig for joining us! Don't forget to check out the entire webinar linked above to uncover even more tips (& trust us, there are way more than the five above!).

And see you on December 19th for our next monthly webinar: Talent Acquisition “Wrapped” with TA/HR leaders from Lattice, Splunk, and Terminal.io. You can register for that live conversation here

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