100 Hires in 90 Days - How The People Team At Crunchyroll Achieved This

Mastering the art of rapid recruitment is no easy feat, particularly given the evolving talent landscape of the past two years. To delve into how they achieved an impressive 100 hires in just 90 days, we sat down with Crunchyroll, the largest anime streaming service in the world, during our October webinar.

We were joined by 3 members of their People Experience team to break down the key strategies, tactics, and best practices they employed to help them achieve such an ambitious hiring goal. 

Check out the full 1-hour webinar below or read on for a brief synopsis of the 4 topics that were covered. 

Before we get into Crunchyroll’s strategies for sourcing, interviewing, assessment, and onboarding, we’ll set the context for what prompted the objective of achieving 100 hires in 90 days. And it was truly to keep pace with the needs of the business. As departments were beginning to activate their hiring plans to achieve their product roadmaps, they needed to meet pace and demand to help the company bring in some critical talent…and that all started with sourcing!

1.) Sourcing

The first change that Crunchyroll made here is that they implemented a sourcing strategy. Prior to this, there was no formal strategy in place, so they needed to set some clear metrics for what activity was needed at each step in the process. They relied on a variety of channels: LinkedIn, sourcing within their ATS (Greenhouse), employee referrals, open web sourcing, and utilizing Gem for targeted outreach sequences. LinkedIn ended up being their most successful channel.

2.) Interviewing

Here at Pillar we often talk about “fewer, better interviews'', so we wanted to dig into what Crunchyroll’s interview process looked like. They established interview guidelines that outlined the recommended panel requirements by level of role across the company. Minimally, every candidate went through 5-7 interviews starting with a recruiter screen. The primary goal of their interview guidelines is to ensure they’re taking a cross-functional approach to talent assessment. 

Providing a great candidate experience during the interview process is also a key factor. Crunchyroll takes a very white glove approach to the entire interview process and ensures that their candidates know what to expect throughout their hiring journey. Everyone has a role to play in providing a great candidate experience and each team member knows what is expected of them. More specifically, they hold pre-brief meetings before each and every interview, which has been a crucial part of their process and has helped contribute to a winning experience for everyone involved.

3.) Assessment

Crunchyroll prioritized making sure that they were assessing every candidate against their values of courage, curiosity, service, and kaizen. Recruiting is a culture-building activity, and they wanted to ensure they weren’t losing sight of those important tenants while also assessing the technical skills required for their roles. They also really dug into what the key attributes were that would make each person successful in their role and who were the best people at Crunchyroll to assess for those attribute areas.

4.) Onboarding

Hiring 100 new team members is one thing. Onboarding is an entirely different challenge! Some of the key steps Crunchyroll took to onboard 100 hires in 90 days included partnering with IT and workplace experience to make sure they had the right seating, equipment, etc. These 100 hires were very precious resources for the company, so it was also pivotal that their leaders were provided with hands-on support to ensure a successful onboarding experience. One thing to keep in mind - when you have a big project like this, oftentimes the solutions don’t need to be complicated to be effective.

Thanks to Barb, Lindsay, and Chris for joining us! Don't forget to check out the entire webinar linked above to uncover more valuable insights!

And see you on November 29th for our next monthly webinar: Tech, Process, and People (The Holy Trinity of Recruiting) with Craig Fisher. You can register for that live conversation here

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