William Tincup “Unleashed”

What are the questions that are keeping TA/HR leaders up at night? Well, we did things a little differently during our February webinar and Willian Tincup, “thought provocateur” and the President & Editor-at-Large at RecruitingDaily, answered some of these questions that are top of mind for leaders in the space. During this “ask me anything” style event, TA/HR leaders submitted their #1 question that they wanted William to answer.

So, was anyone able to stump William?! Bear in mind that he did NOT see any of these questions beforehand — zero prep! Check out the full 1-hour webinar below to see…or read on for a sneak peek into five of our favorite Q&A’s.

1.) What do you see as the biggest challenge in talent acquisition in 2023?   

The pseudo-recession that we have. If you look at the numbers, we’re not technically in a recession. The hardest thing right now is talking to your leadership about the investments that need to be made now when it comes to technology, process, and people for when we all wake up and realize we’re not really in a recession.

2.) Where can I find more qualified candidates? LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc. aren't cutting it.

Start with employees first and implement an employee referral program. You’re sitting on a group of people that have already said “yes” and they’re going to be an advocate. Bottom line…current employees are an underleveraged asset in finding more talent.

3.) Is it an employer or employee market today? It feels mixed.

The employers feel like it's their market, but candidates aren’t reacting like it’s their market. Since the pandemic, candidates have really reevaluated what they want out of work. They’ll either work the way they want to or won’t work at all. This is why it’s a candidate-driven market from here until the day we die.

4.) When recruiting slows down, how do you determine what the best project is to focus on?

The pyramid is price, quality, and speed, and what you need to look at is where you had the most problems. For example, maybe your biggest problem was quality of hire. So, then you should look at technology that helps solve that problem.

5.) What is the real reason behind trying to get everyone back in the office? 

This comes down to 2 things: 1.) real estate costs. Companies spend a ton of money on rent. In fact, it’s typically the second highest cost center. 2.) bad Managers. Managers feel like they need to “see” people at work, however, what they’ve failed to realize is that the majority of jobs can be done remotely.

Be sure to check out the recording above for all of the other great questions William answered.

And while we wish we were able to get to each and every question submitted, we would have had to borrow William for hours! If he wasn’t able to get to your question, no worries as he'll be answering them all in a separate “William Unleashed'' episode that you can stream any time (coming soon).

Thanks to William for joining us, and be on the lookout for our March webinar registration link soon. We’re looking forward to welcoming Cara Brennan Allamano, Chief People Officer at Lattice on March 22nd. See you then!

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