Case Study: Tech Giant Increases Candidate Experience and Cuts Time to Hire in Half

Hire in days, not weeks

According to SHRM, the average time to hire is 36 days. Why does this matter? Because time to hire significantly impacts candidate experience. A long time to hire not only raises the cost of hiring, but it causes you to lose top candidates to other companies. Job seekers lose interest if the hiring process is too long…in fact, the top 10% of talent tends to be off the market in 10 days.

Aptitude Research reports that companies are facing several challenges with interviews. 52% of companies say their top challenge is having too long of an interview process. The second challenge being that they make candidates go through too many interviews.

Within just a few months of implementing Pillar, we’ve cut our time to hire in half. Being able to review recorded interviews in minutes has been a total game changer in making more efficient hiring decisions.” - Chief People Officer

Through recording interviews and using AI-generated interview highlights, teams are able to review 45+ minute interviews in under 10 minutes and garner immediate feedback on the candidate earlier in the process. These helpful features reduce the number of interviews required by 50% and uncover the right candidate twice as fast, with many organizations reporting that Pillar has cut their time to hire in half.

“Pillar is an innovative way to not only document interviews, but to also create a better experience for the candidate. We went from having six hiring managers involved in the process to three, and prospective candidates are saying “yes” to us over other roles,” said a Recruiting Manager at the company.

Pillar, an interview intelligence platform, is empowering teams to hire the right talent more efficiently and effectively. Ready to see Pillar in action? Schedule a demo today at