Case Study: How One Software Company Hit Their Growing Sales Targets & Dramatically Reduced Failed Hiring by 50%

According to LinkedIn, the average turnover within B2B sales is 34%. This high of a turnover rate can be financially crippling, requiring not only the costs of wasted training and acquiring a replacement, but also a continued loss in revenue.

In addition to consistent issues with turnover, hiring top sales performers is a reoccurring issue within sales departments. In fact, it’s commonly known that 50% of all sales hires don’t work out and leave within 12 months. The easiest way for sales leaders to overachieve on revenue targets is to fix this failing metric and to get the right people in the right seats…quickly.

"As a CRO, hitting our revenue targets is always top of mind. Within three months of implementing Pillar, we’ve reduced our failed rate of hiring by 50%, ensuring we don’t miss out on our aggressive sales quotas." - Chief Revenue Officer

Through a number of helpful features, such as the ability to collect interview feedback in real-time and side-by-side candidate comparisons, Pillar prevents costly mis-hires and allows teams to make more confident hiring decisions.

“Pillar has helped me to save five hours per role hired, which means we‘ve been able to uncover the right candidates faster,” said a Sales Manager at the company. “The quicker a sales candidate is found, the quicker revenue can be generated from their sales efforts. We’ve also seen a 33% increase in our candidate acceptance rate, which has significantly decreased turnover.”

Hiring great talent is non-negotiable. Pillar is helping sales departments crush their revenue goals while speeding up their time to hire. Are you ready to see Pillar in action? Schedule a demo today at