5 Reasons TA Teams Are Thankful for Interview Intelligence

November…it’s the month of showing gratitude (cue the “what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving” posts)...

Which is why we thought we’d take a moment to highlight the feedback we’ve been receiving from our customers on why they’re thankful for interview intelligence and the impact it has made on their hiring process. 

Here’s 5 reasons…

1.) "Eliminating bias and improving the interview experience for the recruiting team!"
From Mannah M, HR Generalist at Demandwell

I love that Pillar is recording our conversations that I can then go back and listen to and review after a full day of interviews. The ability to highlight key parts of the conversation while on the call makes it easy to pull out highlights to share with the hiring managers and recruiting team. While this works great for Zoom calls, it’s also a fantastic way to record initial phone screens that don't have to be on video. The ability to take notes, record a call, and review all within one system is a recruiter's dream! Also, as an added bonus, their support team is great and have been wonderful to work with, especially when providing insight into how to use Pillar at Demandwell.

2.) "Highly impactful, and simple to use."
From Taylor R, Director of Talent at Wistia

The power to know for certain the quality of our interviews before making a decision multiplies the quality of our hiring decisions and our confidence in those decisions. This is especially helpful when questions about bias arise or when new, developing interviewers are contributing. We are making higher quality decisions which has amplified our success rate leading to a highly talent-dense team. Talent density is our top priority and tools like Pillar help us achieve better outcomes.

3.) "Pillar has empowered my team to bring the best people into our organization!"
Anita G, Head of HR at BambooHR

Recording interviews has been a game-changer for us. Going back to the tape on candidate responses has allowed us to make hiring decisions based on real data, not gut feeling. Pillar’s features, specifically the candidate comparison feature, makes it so that we can ensure we’re bringing the best people into our organization. This has mitigated turnover significantly and has also made our decision-making process more efficient.

4.) "Adding intelligence to our interviews = game changer!"
Matt B, CEO at Bolster

Being able to run an effective process and structure every interview has been really helpful. This way we know what skills are going to be discussed so we can objectively assess and compare candidates. Building the best team is so important, and Pillar has enabled us to speed up our hiring process and get the best people into the right roles. Through AI-generated highlights and the insight Pillar provides, we’ve been able to discover the right candidates more efficiently, equitably, and effectively.

5.) "Pillar has helped eliminate bias in our interview process!"
Hope W, Director of Talent at High Alpha

Pillar allows you as a hiring manager to stop relying on judgment and move to a quantifiable interview process. It’s also so helpful to go back to the interviews and see exactly what was said. I also like how using Pillar helps you run a better recruiting process by eliminating unnecessary steps. The stakeholder that is important but doesn't need to be another interview? Share a clip of candidates throughout the interview process so they are involved without adding steps! Pillar brings humanity back to what can feel like a robotic process. Plus the transcript and highlight clip features are so cool.

Speaking of our customers, we couldn’t be more thankful for them. We so appreciate the trust they’ve put in us to help them hire better with confidence. We look forward to continually helping organizations grow better with every hire during each and every “thankful” season. 

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