5 Reasons Every Hiring Manager Needs Video Interviewing Software

Interviewing can be arduous, no doubt. When it’s crammed in-between the rest of your meetings, an interview can mistakenly be viewed as a check the box to-do. When you take a step back and look at the desired result—hiring the right person for the right job—you see that every minute of an interview, prep beforehand, and recap afterward, are vital parts of the process. They should not be taken lightly or skimmed through. But how? Who has the time? How do things not fall through the cracks? Ergo, here’s five reasons why every hiring manager needs video interviewing software, like, yesterday.

One: Ensure You’re Covering Core Competencies

Between interview rounds, the stack of resumes, open positions, and making sure you eat lunch that day, it might be hard to remember who you’re looking to hire and what you’re looking for them to bring to the table. With a video interviewing software, you can identify which core competencies are more important for each role, helping you keep these top of mind during your conversation with a candidate. You can even clip highlights from the actual video interview that represent specific competencies.

Two: Ensure Equitable Candidate Review

Unless you’re honing in on your echoic memory skills or facilitating a one way video interview (the candidate is recording themselves answering pre-scripted questions), backtracking through a candidate’s answers from a live, two-way interview is extremely difficult. Without a detailed review, it’s hard not to rely on your gut to guide next steps. Video interviewing software ensures equitable candidate review from you, and any of your teammates who may be interviewing them in the next round.

Three: Keep Everything Straight

If you lead a team or have ever hired anyone before, you know all of the variables that go into a candidate being the right fit. There is a lot to take in during an interview. You’re listening to the words they say and making sure they check out for the role itself, for the culture, for the overall work ethic you’re looking for. Most video interview software allows you to transcribe candidate phrases or sentences that you want to bookmark for later reference. You can mark them as highlights so you know exactly where the golden nuggets are when you go back to review or when you hand off to another team member.

Outside of an interview, it’s also your job to ensure the process is smooth and organized on both ends. Things like who a candidate has talked to, the role they’re interested in, when their next round is. A software in your back pocket can help tremendously with tasks such as these.

Four: Get Input from Other Teammates

Unless you’re hiring your second employee, you have a team of people who will likely be interacting with this new hire. Bringing them into the decision process via a video interview software is much easier than trying to give them the low-down 1 minute before they step into the [virtual] room with a candidate. It not only makes candidate review quicker, but more efficient, as they can direct their attention to the highlights you’ve already pulled out for them.

Five: Evaluate & Fill Roles Quicker

Team growth represents heightened productivity, more work being done, and more brain power funneling into company goals. This all sounds pretty good and would be great if it could happen ASAP. But hiring purely to fill a role quickly is like eating just to satisfy hunger. Where’s the joy in that? Pinpoint what your business is craving and the objectives that need to be hit, and hire for that. Otherwise, you’ll remain unsatisfied and continually searching for something else. With help from a software, you can do this quickly yet efficiently and effectively (and equitably!).

Video Interview Pricing

If you’re looking into video interview software, you’re likely taking pricing into account. Making video interview software free is nice for smaller companies, as tools like myInterview offer free accounts only if you’re hiring for one role at a time. Other companies like HireVue, Outmatch, Spark Hire, and Vidcruiter offer tons of solutions for video interview software with a variety of pricing packages that fit your needs.

Video interviewing is no walk in the park. If it was, there wouldn’t be free online interview tools published for your benefit all over the internet. Fortunately and unfortunately, we are only human. We miss things, stuff falls through the cracks, and the ball is dropped sometimes. Forgetting bagels for the team meeting on Friday is forgivable, but let’s not leave hiring up to chance. We can assure you, bagels don’t taste as good as hiring right feels.

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