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5 AI Recruiting Tools

Recruiting tools help to streamline and simplify hiring processes for businesses. Pillar provides several recruiting tools to help businesses reduce time spent searching for candidates. Here are a few AI recruiting tools to take advantage of:

1. Interview Transcriptions

Taking notes while performing an interview may affect your ability to concentrate on the candidate's answers. With the help of AI tools, you can automate the transcription process. After your interview is complete, AI will transcribe all verbal communications. Interviewers can then review the transcription to check the validity and comprehension of the candidate’s answers. Pillar’s AI transcription tools also allow interviewers to create custom highlights. This is beneficial when evaluating the candidate with other recruiters so you can easily highlight thoughtful answers or mark areas where improvement is needed.

2. Interview Recordings

Some interview processes take place over a period of weeks or months. This provides ample time for interviewers to forget what questions they asked or what answers the candidates gave. Interview recordings are a helpful AI recruitment tool that assists with this issue. They allow interviewers to go back and watch sections of the interview at a later date. HR representatives and recruiters can look at a candidate’s skills, personality, and analytical thinking abilities. Revisiting past interviews may help them determine a suitable candidate for their business. 

3. Interview Summaries

When dealing with large candidate pools, sorting through interview information can be time-consuming. Pillar’s interview summaries help to simplify information gathering and reviewing. After the interview is complete, the AI software will take the key sections of the meeting and condense them into a short paragraph. Business owners and HR representatives will be able to quickly skim through the highlights of the interview, reducing the time they spend on the hiring process.

4. Interview Training

Understanding what kinds of questions to ask and how to structure an interview is key for businesses that want to hire qualified individuals. Pillar assists with this process by offering AI-automated coaching and training for recruiters. The training and interview insights may include information on how much the interviewer talked versus how much the candidate talked, or if there were any coachable moments that included negative language or bias. Understanding these elements will allow interviewers to improve their processes to provide positive experiences for potential candidates. It will also help lead to more successful interviews with candidates whose goals align with the business’s objectives.

5. Interview Guide

Pillar offers a helpful interview guide for recruiters when they are not sure what kinds of questions they want to ask. Recruiters can easily access this tool by providing basic information about the job they're looking to fill. The artificial intelligence software will then generate insightful questions for the recruiters to ask during the interview.

Use Pillar’s Helpful AI Recruiting Tools

The right AI interview tools will help recruiters save time while finding qualified candidates for their business. Recruiters can take advantage of transcriptions, recordings, summaries, and more with Pillar's modern artificial intelligence software. Reach out to our team today to learn how to implement our AI tools in your hiring processes.

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