4 Ways to Hire Better with Video Interviewing

Virtual video interviews have been a part of working life well before the pandemic, and they will continue to be in this new post-pandemic world. As such, the need for a video interview platform during the hiring process hasn’t changed.

Many companies continue to utilize a hiring process that relies on manual resume review, phone outreach, and notes passed from one interviewer to the next. However, the introduction of interview intelligence tools and software, as well as video interviewing platforms and applicant tracking systems continue to move the industry forward.

Who to hire is one of the most important decisions that an organization makes. This leads us to 4 ways that video interviewing platforms help teams hire better…

1.) Hire Faster
Some video interview platforms use AI to transcribe video interviews so that they can be easily searchable and stored for later review. This allows the interviewer to focus all their attention on engaging the candidate without having to pause and take notes. Also, by recording interviews, you can cut down the number of people you need to have in an interview and review 45-minute interviews in 10-minutes (think Gong, but for recruiting).

2.) Hire Based on Real Data
How many times have you relied on your gut and hazy memory to make a hiring decision? Video interviewing software gives you more clarity into who the right person for the role is through side-by-side candidate comparison and the ability to collect live interviewer feedback on every candidate.

3.) Remove Bias from the Interview
Bias can be a huge problem in recruiting. Studies have shown that when it comes to hiring, people often unconsciously give preference to those who are like them. Video interviewing platforms ensure that diverse candidates aren’t getting lost in the process. Skills-based highlight reels bring transparency to the hiring process and interview guides allow interviewers to run consistent interviews across candidates. This way you never have to worry about meeting your DEI goals again.

4.) WOW Your Candidates
A positive candidate experience matters. With video interviewing, you can attract a better pool of candidates and leave rejected candidates with a positive view of your company. Having the ability to review previous interviews creates genuine connections with your candidates and you’ll never have to repeat the same questions twice (because who really wants to answer “tell me about yourself” in each interview?).

Better Interviews, Brighter Outcomes
The hiring process is tired — and hasn’t changed in decades. Pillar is on a mission to build better businesses by removing bias from the interviewing process while revolutionizing the way companies hire. Ready to see how a video interviewing platform can help you hire better? Schedule a demo today at

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