4 Ways Interview Intelligence Increases Performance for Recruiting & Search Firms

Accelerating revenue growth, placing candidates faster, creating stronger client relationships…

These are all music to your ears as a recruiting and search firm, right? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of recruiting firms across the country. So, if you want to be able to experience the benefits above, you have to cut through the industry noise and build a solid reputation with your clients. One way you can do this is by having the right technology in place. 

Speaking of technology, interview intelligence is helping recruiting firms get the right candidates to their clients faster while increasing the productivity of their recruiters. How? Here’s 4 ways:

1.) Spend Less Time Taking Notes 
Imagine being able to interview a candidate without having to take notes. An interview intelligence platform records and transcribes interviews so you can focus on the candidate. This way if you forgot something that a candidate said, you can go back to the tape on the candidate’s responses, and there’s no need to rely on your hazy memory.

2.) Minimize the Need for Candidate Write-Ups 
Candidate write-ups happen to be one of the most time-consuming tasks for recruiters. Instead of spending 5-10 hours per week on write-ups, you can use interview intelligence to generate skills-based highlight reels from your interviews and share them with your clients. This way you can advocate for the candidates you really like…moving from “I really like them” to “they are the best candidate, and here’s why.” 

3.) Receive More Accurate Feedback Faster
Everyone loves chasing down candidate feedback. Actually they don't. By sending video clips of interviews to your clients vs. lengthy write-ups that no one really has time to read, they can provide feedback on the candidate faster, speeding up candidate placements.

4.) Cut A Step Out Of Your Clients’ Process
Interview intelligence gives you the power to send entire interviews to your clients. This means they can replace their first interview with yours, cutting out an entire step from their process. Because who doesn’t like getting more time back in their day by having to conduct fewer interviews?
Maximize Recruiter Efficiency with Pillar
Our customers in the recruiting & search firm space are seeing a 30% faster time to submit by providing their recruiters with the tools they need to save time and submit candidates faster. Placing candidates faster has led to a 20% increase in revenue because recruiters are able to take on more job requisitions and more new clients. See how Pillar is helping recruiting & search firms outperform their competition by scheduling a demo at

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