Pillar for
Recruiting Firms

Double the number of searches your consultants can handle with interview intelligence. With Pillar, you will:

- Get the right candidates to your clients faster
- Increase the productivity of your consultants
- Take ~10 hours per week out of candidate write-up's
- Train new consultants on how to be better interviewers

...and more. Want to see how? Let's chat more.

Trusted by...

“Having the ability to record and share interview clips with our hiring teams has been a game-changer in getting good candidates into the process and speeding up our time to hire.”

Programs Manager, Talent Acquisition

“Pillar is a huge opportunity for us to be completely confident about the fairness and effectiveness of our assessments. It is an invaluable tool for coaching, developing and supporting our newer interviewers on the team.”

Director of Talent