Hiring Doesn't
Have to Suck

It's crazy to think that half of all new hires are gone within a year. Watch our video to learn how Pillar:

1.) Reduces the number of interviews required and uncovers the right candidate in 2-3 weeks
2.) Cuts the failure rate of hiring in half so you get the right people in the right seats every time
3.) Leads to more data-driven hiring decisions
4.) Makes it so you never have to chase down an interviewer for feedback again
5.) Reduces the risk of bad interviews, leading to better candidate experiences

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Trusted by...

“Having the ability to record and share interview clips with our hiring teams has been a game-changer in getting good candidates into the process and speeding up our time to hire.”

Programs Manager, Talent Acquisition

“Pillar is a huge opportunity for us to be completely confident about the fairness and effectiveness of our assessments. It is an invaluable tool for coaching, developing and supporting our newer interviewers on the team.”

Director of Talent