What is Interview Intelligence?

Interview Intelligence is software that provides data and insights about interviews and hiring conversations. Interview Intelligence platforms often use natural language processing to transcribe and tag conversations. They also might use artificial intelligence to create video highlights from the interview or suggest opportunities for improvement throughout the interview.

What does Interview Intelligence do?


Hiring is too important to roll the dice—it’s make or break. A little bit more intentionality would result in massive business impact.


It shouldn’t take weeks and weeks of herculean effort to hire. Candidates—and our teammates— deserve better.


We all bring bias into hiring. Structure, data, and coaching makes it easier to center hiring decisions on objective reality, not gut feel.


We all bring bias into hiring. Structure, data, and coaching makes it easier to center hiring decisions on objective reality, not gut feel.

More about Interview Intelligence

It is important for everyone to think about how they are going to conduct interviews. Most interviewers want to provide applicants with a fair shot to make a good first impression. This is where numerous interviewing tools have risen to the surface. The goal of these interviewing tools is to provide interviewers with a way to maximize the value of the time they spend with an applicant.

Some of these interviewing tools play a role before the applicant ever arrives for the interview. These interviewing tools can be used to expedite the process of sending emails, scheduling interviews, and sending out invites. Then, there are other interviewing tools, such as software, that can be used to interview applicants virtually. This is great because they provide the company with a way to expand their talent search and interview candidates who might not be in the immediate vicinity.

There are even apps that play a key role in the interview process. These apps can be used to store interview results, apply scores to a rubric, and even send out follow-up emails to candidates using a certain template. In this manner, interviewers can use these interviewing tools to customize their interviews to meet their needs. This is only one of the many ways that the process of interviewing candidates is changing. it is important for all organizations to take advantage of these interviewing tools to prepare themselves and their interviewers accordingly.

Interview Questions

The key to running a successful interview is asking the right interview questions. Remember that the goal of an interview is to extract information from an applicant that will help the organization decide whether that person is the right person for the job. In this manner, interview questions are going to vary by industry.

For example, interview questions for nurses might be closed-ended. They could involve tough questions about dosing for certain medications, what to do in a certain situation, and how to run a code. Of course, there should also be more general questions about how the nurse handled his or her last job and any tough situations that might have been a powerful learning experience.

In this manner, the best interview questions for nurses are going to be different from interview questions for teachers. Some unique interview questions involving teachers might include where the teacher worked at his or her last job, any issues involving students that the teacher might have broken up, and challenges that the teacher had to overcome. These are some of the top job interview questions to ask

.It is important to note that there may also be more specific situational interview questions for students. Sometimes, these are tough interview questions and answers. This is particularly true for students who are looking to get into medical school, law school, or an MBA program. These are competitive processes where the questions are designed to help the best and brightest rise to the surface. In this manner, it might be a good idea to refer to job interview questions and answers pdf to learn more.

How To Conduct An Interview

It is important to note that the candidate is going to be interviewing the company just as much as the company is going to be interviewing the candidate. Therefore, the interviewer needs to know how to conduct an interview. When it comes to running a good employment interview, it is important to show up on time. Do not leave the candidate waiting. Show the candidate that his or her time matters.

Then, start the interview with a strong handshake and an introduction. Ask how the individual is enjoying his or her stay. Make sure there were not any problems arriving at the interview location. Ensure these are addressed if they arise. Then, ask the questions one at a time. Try to wait for the applicant to finish answering before providing another question. It is also important to give the applicant time to ask questions as well. When the interview is finished, promise a follow-up response in a timely manner. Provide the applicant with contact information if he or she has more questions later.