How to Hire Great Salespeople:
Top 10 Skills to Assess

By ensuring that prospective sales candidates instill the most critical skills, your organization will be better equipped to close more deals. So, what separates high-performing salespeople who exceed their quota from underperformers who miss their quotas by more than 25%?

1.) Communication

The most obvious skill, but we still have to include it! Strong communication skills are the foundation of building meaningful relationships with buyers because what’s the point of being an expert in a product or service if you can’t convey its value to prospects?

2.) Motivation

Motivation is what drives people to success and plays a critical role in productivity, quality, and speed of work. It’s an essential element for the growth of any organization.

3.) Productivity

Between prospecting, client meetings, and phone calls, managing time can be challenging. The expression “time is money” has never been more true than when you’re in a sales role as time spent inefficiently in sales is lost revenue. Salespeople that know how to manage their time efficiently achieve a higher level of productivity.

4.) Goal Oriented

Excellent sales professionals are motivated by the notion that there’s an ambitious goal to be reached, that achieving their goal feels incredible, and that there’s a reward at the finish line. Given this mindset, these sellers will exert all effort to meet or surpass targets.

5.) Persistence

The ability to continue to pursue a goal or an outcome even when it’s difficult and even when it’s going to take a significant amount of time and energy is a critical component of sales success. In fact, it typically takes eight touches before a salesperson books their first meeting with a prospect, so those that give up after one or two calls or emails are leaving opportunities behind.

6.) Coachability

Coachable sellers don’t shy away from tough feedback, they embrace it and have an internal motivation to improve. Great people don’t need to be perfect people, so assessing whether a prospective candidate is flexible, is open to receiving feedback, and actively seeks opportunities to learn is pivotal to sales performance.

7.) Resilience

Sales is constantly filled with difficulty, opposition, and rejection. The best sales reps have a way of channeling rejection to power their internal drive to improve. They don’t give up and instead take the learning lessons and envision the opportunity to go back and try again.

8.) Empathy

Successful sellers are almost always buyer-centric and know what the customer wants before they even know it. They’re proud of the product they’re selling, and their first priority is helping and understanding the customer. After all, people buy from people they trust!

9.) Confidence

Sales is all about accomplishing a transfer of confidence. A prospect has to believe in a rep’s confidence more than they believe in their doubts about making a purchase decision. Being able to confidently deliver a pitch and answer a prospect’s objections is one of the most important skills to master as a sales pro. However, look for someone who exhibits humility at the same time as you don’t want someone who’s overconfident.

10.) Curiosity

Great sales reps are inquisitive and willing to understand the “why” behind a prospect’s pain points. They aren’t just focused on making a sale, but are also interested in the buyer’s challenges.