How to Hire Great Salespeople:
Sample Scorecard

Using an interview scoring system that grades candidates’ responses on a predetermined scale is one way to make a hiring decision based on data, not gut feeling. We’ve formulated a sample scorecard that you can use based on the skills we outlined earlier on.

Grow Better With Every Hire

Hiring great salespeople can make or break your company as the initial sales contact is the first tangible impression people will have of your organization. Emphasizing the skills that are required to be successful and asking the right questions will support the foundation of a winning sales culture. 

In fact, Pillar can help you bring the best salespeople into your organization. Take the guesswork out of hiring by using our interview intelligence platform that empowers teams to hire the right talent efficiently and equitably. Through a number of helpful features, such as sales-specific interview guides, question guidance in interviews, and side by side candidate comparisons, Pillar helps dramatically reduce the failure rate in hiring while eradicating missed sales quotas. 

Structuring your interviews, coming up with the right skills and questions to ask, and implementing a scorecard process is A LOT! Pillar can handle all of this for you and seamlessly integrates right in the tools you use every day (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Greenhouse, Lever, and more). Learn more and schedule a demo today at

All of these steps (interview stages, structure, questions, etc.) have been compiled into an e-book. Download a full copy of the e-book here.