We all have bias.
Now let's hire without it.

We've chatted with hundreds of talent leaders. Get their go-to strategies for mitigating bias in interviews in one simple guide—so you can build a high-performing, more diverse organization.

12 Steps to a More Equitable Interview Process

So you want to build a more diverse organization? Or at least ensure that you’re fairly and equitably evaluating candidates?

Amazing! Diverse teams consistently drive better outcomes, you’re on a worthwhile mission!

You have heard some common tips for hiring a more diverse team:

"Do more sourcing from diverse talent pools"
"Ensure your pipeline for a role is diverse"
"Avoiding using gendered language in a job rec"
"Do blind resume review"

Those are excellent places to start. But what about during the interview itself? Your recruiters, hiring managers, and selection teams all bring different levels of interview training and understanding of this job. How do you ensure they interview intentionally, without bias, and make an equitable, excellent hiring decision today?

We’ve collected 12 tactical suggestions you can implement in your interview process to get your team moving towards a more fair and fast hiring process. They might not all be a fit for your team—but we hope you find at least a couple that improve your interview process. We’d love to hear what you think and how they turn out for you and your team!

Here’s to making every interview better, and more equitable, than the last!

— The Pillar Team

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